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Do you know your EJs from your FJs?

Can you spot an XY at forty paces?

Can you debate for hours Chevrolet v Chrysler?

Then Rare Parts might just be the place for you…

Can’t find that unique part you are looking for?

Need some advice with that vintage restoration?

Looking to add some muscle to that performance vehicle?


Talk to the team at Rare Parts…

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What our customers say about us

“Awesome service! Can’t find better.” –  Noddy Perkins

Noddy Perkins

“Bought a heap of LX hatchback parts. Todd is very good to deal with. I will support our WA guys at Rare Parts !!!! Cheers for your help.” –  Glenn Wright

Glenn Wright

“Excellent place and most helpful guys around! Willing to go above and beyond to see customers happy.” – Brett Walker

Brett Walker
Holden Enthusiast

“Hi my name is Janelle Zandvliet and my husband and I have been restoring cars for over 15 years now and we’ve been in the Monaro Scene in Perth for longer than that. Rare Parts have been our go to parts place for all things Cars and Monaro’s for a while now and Todd and his great staff have always been willing to help us and anybody we refer there. Todd’s knowledge of HQ’s is outstanding and his parts range for restoration projects are very good.
Todd has been a great sponsor and long-time member of the Monaro Car Club of WA and has assisted us with stands and displays at a number of our events, meetings and the Monaro Nationals held here in WA in 2012.” – Janelle Zandvliet

Janelle Zandvliet
Monaro Enthusiast

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